Why Support

Big ambitions and great ideas always need encouragement and support. Especially at the start.

Riverwall Australia Ltd is a start up on the Australian cultural landscape, headquartered in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Funds raised from Optoberfest go towards our official launch in 2018. We are a Not-For-Profit on the register of cultural organisations with Australian Tax Office approved DGR (deductible gift recipient) status.

Riverwall’s focus is on the discovery, employment and career development of Australia singers and associated practitioners through the delivery of artistic experiences across regional, rural and remote Australia. Its role model is one of the world’s great opera institutions, Glyndebourne in East Sussex, which has evolved from simple beginnings into national treasure that educates, entertains and employs. Glyndebourne, two hours from London, has grown into a regional economic powerhouse with a gross economic impact of £16m pounds every year:

  • Gross value added impact of £10.8m – the equivalent of supporting 682 permanent jobs
  • Attracts a large, loyal, relatively high spending audience who deliver to the local economy over £11m to hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions
  • Glyndebourne pays more than £3m of wages to employees living in East Sussex
  • Glyndebourne spends over £1m with local suppliers (Lewes) and a further £0.3m with suppliers in region
  • Glyndebourne brings visitors, artists and jobs to Lewes and its presence has encouraged specialist’s business to start up there
  • Local businesses working with Glyndebourne say they have gained revenue, prestige and visitor footfall.

It is our hope that Riverwall Australia, launching in 2018 with funds from this Optoberfest, will grow to emulate for the Southern Highlands the sort of statistics Glyndebourne delivers for East Sussex.

Big ambitions and great ideas always need encouragement and support. Especially at the start. If you are interested in supporting Optoberfest, forming a partnership with Riverwall Australia or contributing in other ways, we’d love to hear from you.



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